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Josephine Johnson is an artist unafraid to live her dreams, unafraid of the art of living.


She believes we each have the power to transform our lives into masterpieces. And that our passions are active forces playful in the art of living, fundamental to that masterpiece.


Music, nature, birds, writing, outdoor adventure—these passions daily transform the canvas of Josephine’s life. And she invites you to consider yours and how you might use them to color the canvas of your life.


Most importantly, she invites you now to join her journey exploring this great planet through music and nature. Because you just might find something you can use as you create your masterpiece in the art of living.


As a musician, Josephine’s soulful, transcendent folk feels tender and hits close-to-the-skin, while at the same time clearly comes from somewhere deep. Her voice is vulnerable yet powerful, reminiscent of the gritty sincerity of Karen Dalton and the heart of Janis Joplin. But it’s her ease and refinement of delivery that sets Josephine’s voice apart from other celebrated female artists. 


Josephine knows who she is, and in her music presents herself and her ideas with a calm strength – like someone who has spent long hours on the road alone, working problems and dreams into convictions. You can hear it in her voice, she sings: You can call me vinegar/ but I know I’m wine/ I’m dark, sophisticated/ warm, deeply sublime.


To date she has four independent albums each available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music.


Yet there’s more to her than music.


With with an MA in English from Calpoly Humboldt in Northern California, Josephine is an accomplished English instructor and has taught in countries around the globe. And wherever she goes, her guitar and ukulele tag along as tools for teaching and making friends.


In Xi’an, China, she hosted a monthly forum where students and community members could share music and poetry at a local coffee shop. In Los Angeles, she integrated music into her ESL classroom and twice won Teacher of the Quarter at the English Language Center, a language partner school with UCLA Extension.


Through it all, Josephine has kept a lifelong love of nature, birds and conservation. Because of where she’s from.


When she wasn’t singing in church or busy doing homework, she was exploring the forests, meadows and streams of rural Greentown, Indiana. She caught crawdads in the Wildcat Creek and collected tadpoles to study. She watched them slowly transform, then released them as adult frogs back into their habitat. Josephine climbed trees, built tree forts and slept outside as often as she could.


Those formative experiences would inform many career decisions.


As a regular contributor to the “North Coast Journal,” Josephine wrote “Get Out,” a monthly column in which she went on outdoor adventures and reported on how more people could go and do them. In early 2021 she began writing “One Tank Trip” for Savannah Morning News, where she explores wildlife refuges, hiking, kayaking, biking, camping and birding opportunities as well as the grand Okefenokee Swamp.


And now, she’s here bringing her passion for music, love of birds, nature and writing together for the ultimate adventure where each day is celebrated as creative act in the art of living.


Are you ready? To begin your masterpiece, too? Let’s go!


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